Directors Lab at Film Independent

Here’s a cool opportunity for all you directors out there in the LA area. Film Independent is a great organization (I volunteered for their LA film festival last year) and if you are selected for the lab, you will have an opportunity to really develop your work.

If you have a reel, a screenplay, and the funds to pay the fee, why not? Let me know if you do apply. This blog could be your stepping stone!

And when you’re famous, remember our quaint little blog… 🙂

Deadline is October 5.

Directors Lab | Film Independent

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Some More Info from the Site:

“Designed to help directors who are prepping their feature films, the Directors Lab is an intensive eight-week program running in Los Angeles each winter. The primary focus of the Lab is on learning to work with actors and the rehearsal process. Under the guidance of the lab instructor, Directors Lab Fellows select short scenes from their scripts to workshop. Additionally, Fellows go through a mini-production, learning how to break down a script into a shot list, collaborate with cinematographers, and construct a scene in the editing process. Film Independent provides the Lab participants with camera and sound packages to shoot their scenes. All scenes will be shot on digital video and critiqued by the Lab Instructor as well as the other Lab participants.

A secondary goal of the program is to help advance the careers of the Lab Fellows by introducing them to film professionals who can advise them on both the craft and business of directing. Lab Fellows have one-on-one meetings with established directors and other industry professionals who act as advisors on the participant’s projects.”

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