Pico Pick: Four Seasons Lodge

OK, folks, a quick post today about a documentary I think everyone should see: Four Seasons Lodge. Obviously, unlike most of the movies I review, there is no wide release. There is one final screening tonight at the Beverly Hills Music Hall and I think that is it. Nevertheless, if you ever can track down this film, it is a pleasure to watch.

The director, Andrew Jacobs follows a group of Holocaust survivors who share a co-op out in the Catskills each summer. Here for the past few decades they have created a life for each other. Their families decimated by genocide, they have made their own family among friends out in the boonies. Of course, now reaching their very golden years, they do not have much time left at the Lodge, and they have to decide whether to sell the colony or continue. The film is filled with pathos, joy, and wisdom that can only be gleaned by people who have lived this long and survived so much.

3 responses to “Pico Pick: Four Seasons Lodge

  1. Don’t worry – the film will continue to play at the Music Hall through the 24th – although on a limited basis.

    Thanks for posting about it,
    Matt Lavine
    producer, “Four Seasons Lodge”

  2. Great news! Thanks for the update.

  3. This looks amazing. I won’t be able to see it on this run, unfortunately.

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