Merry Christmas/Visions of Los Angeles (3rd St and Alvarado)

I love Los Angeles this time of year. Every neighborhood has a different way of celebrating the holidays, which can mean splendor (Beverly Hills) or sort of (South Pasadena). It doesn’t matter how you celebrate, though, as long as you have the people around you whom you love and care about. I’m taking a break from Los Angeles, but I thought the best way to remember my time there this year were a few pictures I took around Macarthur Park this December. Hopefully they won’t make me too nostalgic. Take a look.

Thank you readers for following my blog and have a happy holidays and a great new year!

Pedestrians walk on Third Street in the shadow of skyscrapers.

I don't know what attracts me to defunct beauty salons

Los Angeles, the city of the car, is littered with these self-serve stations. Here you can see my semi getting a nice wash.

A broken chair, evidence of a late night move?

A now closed pupuseria

Steaks, coffee,what more could a dude ask for?

Where I plan to spend my last days of Hollywood falling stardom

The Swap Meet, A Los Angeles Institution

4 responses to “Merry Christmas/Visions of Los Angeles (3rd St and Alvarado)

  1. LOL what a… unique, holiday post. 😛

    Hope you enjoy your holidays!

  2. Happy Holidays! What great pictures, but where’s the snow?

  3. These pictures make me jealous and sad… I wana go back to LA : ( : )

  4. @ Sarah–yes, many more photo series to come. You could never get bored as a photographer in Southern California. So much to see.

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