Freelancing, Part 2

So, I have been writing for and recently my second article was published here.

I am glad I got to cover Better Off Dead, it’s the sort of simple teen movie that is quirky enough to be funny, but never loses its tenderness either. Protagonist Lane Meyer (played by the inimitable John Cusack) is potentially suicidal after getting dumped by his girlfriend. This should be a depressing movie, but it is also filled with life and humor. The teenagers are not goofballs, either, in fact they’re just like adults but with a lot less inhibitions. Equally impressed with Woody Allen and Hanna-Barbera, Holland’s work is both cartoonish and epic; it must have influenced a lot of directors working now. And what other director would place a montage of singing hamburgers in the middle of a movie?

It’s also indexed on Google News, so if anyone wanted to find out what’s up with Savage Steve Holland, I would potentially come up. This is definitely a cool part of being published online. Between writing screenplays and receiving rejection letters, it’s nice to have a writing hobby like freelancing.

4 responses to “Freelancing, Part 2

  1. Congrats on another byline! 😀

  2. writer-at-heart

    Isn’t the Internet wonderful? Instant top billing! So when are you going to make your Oscar picks, keeping in mind they will be posted on Google forever?

  3. Thanks all for the encouragement.!

    @ Writer Yes, am working on an Oscar list right now, but don’t know what to put for the short documentary category 🙂

  4. you are too cute…documenting your fame on google news.

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