Unemployment Diaries, Part 2

Here is the second  installment in the Unemployment Series saga. Check out 1:54 for an epic dog chase. I have to thank Hulk the rotweiller for, well, being a rotweiller. Seriously, this has to be my finest acting moment of all time. No stunt double.

Have a great weekend.

3 responses to “Unemployment Diaries, Part 2

  1. But wait, you’re not unemployed anymore!

  2. Ha! I loved it. And I had no idea there was so much Jonathan porn out there. Can’t wait to watch them.

  3. LOL — though I didn’t quite get the whole porn-stuff *G

    When you shoot outside and have a lot of background noises, I recommend you to film with two cameras or an additional microphone to avoid certain cuts in sound. You can also and easily fade in / out sound, so the cuts are less intesive ; )

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