The Kimchi Chronicles

This week I wrote a review of the Social Network but I’m unhappy with how it turned out. Long story short: I enjoyed it, but I have a hard time watching people my age make billions of dollars. Thoughts?

So, instead I’ll blog about twitter again. I rarely get “follows” from anyone I know these days, but ever since I put “Los Angeles” in my mini-twitter profile, all sorts of neighborhoods are into my tweets. I have Larchmont. I have Koreatown. Even the Miracle Mile follows me. The other day Korean Food, which I never knew had anything like an organization behind it, agreed to follow me. Which prompted this tweet:


And they responded!







I’m ready for social media to work for me. And I’m hungry. I’ve invested time, spent hours updating things, and never have I ever really received any physical reward for my efforts, Mr. Zuckerberg. You may have made thirty billion dollars, but I have yet to see any tangible benefits from the years I’ve wiled away on social media.

It’s time for that to change.

It’s time for Kimchi.

11 responses to “The Kimchi Chronicles

  1. LOL. Well, kimchi isn’t quite a cool million… but you’re right, it’s something!

    As I’m sure the movie showed, there was more to M Zuck’s success than social media. It was a mentality, and a lot of off-line decision-making. The kind that I don’t think I want to have any part in, regardless of the rewards.

    I definitely want to see The Social Network, but I think that like you, I will be both entertained and a bit disgusted/unsettled.

    • Agreed. I feel that way especially after reading up on the actual Mark Zuckerberg and some of the meaner things he said/did when he was starting Facebook. There’s a cache of IMs that are really damning and make me wonder how safe my profile really is…

  2. I get the sense that our age group – being so integrated with social networking – are somewhat tired of “out generation” trying to be defined or explained. I’m sure the film is fine – I haven’t seen it yet. But critics are so pent up on the role of blogs/twitter/texting in today’s world when, in reality, it isn’t a big deal. In fact, I think the effect is starting to wan a little.

    Remember when twitter was supposed to bring huge changes to the revolutions in Iran and abroad? Malcolm Gladwell pretty much eviscerates that thought here:

    • Great points there! Agreed that FB, Linkedin, Twitter, etc, are tools versus a lifestyle now more than ever. I mean, social networking has been around since Friendster, it took something like Facebook to make it de riguer.

  3. Don’t ask me why, but David Hasselhoff is following my tweets. *LOL — greasy.

  4. I felt slightly depressed and pathetic after watching the film. How can this anti-social asshole have made so much money by the time he was my age? I’m anti-social too, just not quite as anti-social.

    But, seriously, kimchi is one of the only foods I truly hate.

  5. lol. so cool that someone is actually checking the koreanfood twitter and updating it! hope that you’re getting kim-chi for two and taking your gf 😉

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