My Movie Clichés

Keanu Reeves Writing One of Those Special Read Aloud Letters

There are certain movie clichés that always take me out of the viewing experience. I have griped with friends about characters who brush their teeth in five seconds when it should take two minutes (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), solve a mysterious pandemic in ten whole minutes (Outbreak), or whose cell phones lose reception at the end of act one (Almost Every Thriller Since 1995).

Here is one of my least favorite: Whenever a movie character reads a letter, email, or IM, we hear the writer’s voice in the background. Is this a hallucination? A talking card from Hallmark? When I read a letter, I read it in my voice, not anyone else’s. Isn’t this how everyone else reads? Whatever the style, this voice-over effect is still overused.

I hear The Lake House is particularly guilty of this—not that I would ever see this guaranteed cry-fest, but, it’s good to know, in any case. Here’s a scene from You’ve Got Mail that’s actually really funny—but is still guilty as charged.

What are your movie pet peeves? Hopefully it’s not just me that has these!

4 responses to “My Movie Clichés

  1. I haven’t given much thought to my movie pet peeves… but in books, I hate when love interests are described as “perfect.” NOBODY is perfect, and even fewer people seem it upon first meeting. Ugh.

    (Ironically, “Ugh” is a lesser pet peeve of mine. Lol.)

    For the record, I loved THE LAKE HOUSE. But then, I’m a sap, and I love Sandra B, and I watched it in Spain (where everything is better!) dubbed.

  2. It’s not just characters brushing their teeth for five seconds, but they never rinse their mouth!!

  3. @Sarah I know, how frustrating! Glad you notice too.

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