Travelin’ Man

My girlfriend is going to Alaska next month. This is good news, for her, but only depresses me. Not that I regret her trip, far from it; I feel bad because I am grounded. This summer, this fall, this winter, I probably won’t go anywhere. It’s not only the lack of dough, which is a problem, it’s the much bigger fear of the airplane, the lines at security, TSA patdowns, missed dinners, and other miserable side effects of travel.

Yet most good screenplays aren’t written in Los Angeles. They are written on the train back from Redwood City, the biplane sputtering from Ankara to Istanbul, or the boat sailing across the ocean. Only through experience can writers get to the best parts of their imagination, right? Sitting at home thinking of something cool is one thing, but actually living those adventures is something else. Look at Easy Rider, Road to Morocco, or Mad Max. These are all road movies dreamed up or put to film in exotic locations.

Of course, as we learn by the end of The Wizard of Oz (another great road movie) there is no place like home. And for all of its monotony, being at home does give me the ability to write, to eat food I’m comfortable with (read: frozen pizza), and fall asleep watching Netflix. However entrancing the idea of a long adventure sounds, it probably is best I stay at home, financially and otherwise.

It’s a shame, too, because I really could use a vacation.

2 responses to “Travelin’ Man

  1. Heh, I know your feeling. Writing is such a weird life, full of contradictions. We need to go out and experience the world, but we also need to secret away in our homes and focus on the flickering screen. We need to be very in tune with people, but we need to be happy in our own company. We need to be sensitive, humble and passionate, but we need to be thick-skinned, borderline arrogant and business-like.

    Somehow we muddle through, eh?

  2. writer-at-heart

    Well, I will donate some frequent flyer miles to the cause, but not sure that “Easy Rider” worked out for them? How about “Road Trip”? Or “Sideways”? You could go to Katmandu! Anyway, travel films would be a good topic!

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