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Up in the Air (Not the New George Clooney Movie)

You ever feel like life is up in the air? Screenwriters spend a lot of time working with their imaginations—not in the way you would expect, either. Sure, we are always thinking up characters, events, assorted MacGuffins, etc. to put on the page, but we spend even more time dealing with the “what ifs” of the script. What if that query letter is accepted? What if the web series is made? What if the web series is popular? What if the screenplay is a hit? What if an agent is interested? Who knows? I know it is bad luck, it is air, it is daydreams, but as a screenwriter, to be motivated, I have to imagine at least the possibility of success every single day, every moment I work.

And that’s all it has been this week. I heard back about one of my plays. The reader seemed interested. It almost sounded like a lock. I responded. I haven’t heard back. I know I’m talented, some people are even acknowledging that talent, but I haven’t made it to the next step. And between one step and the next is nothing, just a possibility of a step. I take it on faith that that step exists, but I have yet to make it up there. So right now, it’s all air, one foot on the ground, the other in transit; life as a screenwriter is up in the air.